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Real estate for living, working and recreation

  • 6
    apartment buildings
  • 4
    office buildings
  • 60 000
    total area, m²
  • city centre


Lāčplēša Skvērs is a visionary urban development project to create a vibrant and versatile city quarter where residents can live, work, and relish their leisure time.

Lāčplēša Skvērs pays homage to the industrial heritage and character of the district with a design that echoes the aesthetics of historic industrial brick buildings and the architectural diversity of the late 19th century. The project envisions 10 buildings within this dynamic environment, comprising 6 apartment buildings and 4 office buildings.


The ground floors of these structures are dedicated to commercial spaces, offering a mix of restaurants, services, and retail establishments to enrich the quarter.

Lāčplēša Skvērs represents an exciting fusion of historical charm, modern functionality, and urban vitality — an inviting place where people can truly live, work, and play.


At our real estate project, we've meticulously considered every detail, because we believe that the quality of your living space directly impacts your standard of living. Our commitment to excellence ensures your comfort and satisfaction.
Integrated Live-Work-Play Environment:
The real estate project offers a unique opportunity for residents and professionals to live, work, and enjoy leisure activities all within the same quarter. This integrated approach enhances convenience and promotes a better work-life balance.
Community-Focused Design:
The development's general plan includes creating two new city blocks interconnected by a landscaped outdoor space and an event plaza. This design encourages social interaction and community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging among residents and workers.
Traffic-Calming and Shared Public Spaces:
Implementing the Woonerf concept in the central part of the districts prioritizes pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, traffic calming measures, and shared public spaces. This contributes to safer, more walkable neighborhoods and reduces congestion.
Preservation of Industrial Heritage:
The project preserves and celebrates the industrial history and character of the district through architecturally articulated building volumes that pay homage to historic industrial brick buildings. This blend of old and new creates a unique atmosphere and sense of identity.
Mixed-Use Buildings:
With 10 planned buildings, including 6 apartment buildings and 4 office buildings, the project fosters a dynamic and diverse urban environment. The ground floors of these buildings feature commercial spaces such as restaurants, services, and retail outlets, adding vibrancy to the quarter and meeting various community needs.
Residential Building Aesthetics:
The residential buildings' facades are designed to harmonize with the historic industrial and late 19th-century architectural styles, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Extensive use of balconies and terraces promotes social interaction among residents, enhancing the sense of community.
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability:
The project prioritizes high-quality insulation and uses environmentally friendly materials such as brick filler tiles and glass. This focus on sustainability reduces the environmental impact and contributes to long-term cost savings for residents and businesses.
Office Building Elegance:
The office buildings feature a monumental and visually restrained style, providing a professional and prestigious business environment. Using high-quality materials, glazed planes, and stone filler tiles enhances the visual appeal and reflects a commitment to quality.
Enhanced Street Activity:
Enclosed galleries at street level in the office buildings promote public activity within the urban open space. This encourages a vibrant street life and a dynamic atmosphere around the event square, further enriching the neighborhood experience.
Flexible Building Layouts:
Both residential and office buildings are designed with flexible layouts, allowing customization to meet individual needs. This adaptability ensures that the spaces remain relevant and functional over time, accommodating evolving business and residential requirements.


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Convenient infrastructure

  • Riga-Railway - 10 min
  • Shopping Center Origo - 10 min
  • Central market of Riga - 20 min
  • The old Town - 25 min
  • School - 1 min, 3 schools
  • Latvian University - 2 min
  • Kindergarden - 10 min
  • Hospital - 7 min
  • Spilve Airport - 20 min


Our project encompasses two new city blocks, seamlessly connected by lush outdoor spaces and an enticing event plaza destined to become the heart of social activity. A Complete Quarter for Life, Work, and Leisure!


The Lāčplēša Skvērs has 10 buildings - 6 apartment buildings and 4 office buildings
Lāčplēša Skvērs, nestled in the heart of Riga, embodies the essence of urban living. With its proximity to cultural landmarks, vibrant cafes, and serene green spaces, this residential quarter offers the perfect blend of convenience and tranquility. Discover a place where modernity meets comfort, where every detail is designed to elevate your lifestyle.
  • 22 000
    Offices area, m²
  • 3m
    Ceiling height
  • 1-8
  • 10
  • 300
  • 60 000
    Total area, m²

Who will be interested?

Lāčplēša Skvērs is a visionary real estate project designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals who seek a dynamic and vibrant urban lifestyle.
  • Individuals & Families
  • City Lovers
  • Professionals on the Move
  • Community-Oriented Individuals
  • Business Leaders
  • People Who Value Quality
Individuals & Families
The real estate project offers a unique opportunity for residents and professionals to live, work, and enjoy leisure activities all within the same quarter. This integrated approach enhances convenience and promotes a better work-life balance.
City Lovers
If you have a passion for city living and want to be at the heart of the action, Lāčplēša Skvērs offers an unparalleled location in Riga. Its proximity to the city center ensures you're always within reach of cultural events, entertainment, and urban conveniences.
Professionals on the Move
For successful and thriving professionals, Lāčplēša Skvērs provides an ideal blend of work and leisure. With four office buildings integrated seamlessly into the urban landscape, you can enjoy a convenient commute to your workplace while being part of a thriving community.
Community-Oriented Individuals
Lāčplēša Skvērs fosters a sense of community with its flexible building layouts, shared public spaces, and extensive use of balconies and terraces in residential buildings. It's designed to encourage social interaction and a sense of belonging.
Business Leaders
If you're a business leader seeking a prestigious office location, the monumental and visually restrained office buildings at Lāčplēša Skvērs reflect a sophisticated and professional environment, ideal for your organization's success.
People Who Value Quality
Both residential and office buildings at Lāčplēša Skvērs are constructed with high-quality materials, emphasizing durability and aesthetics. The use of brick filler tiles, glass, stone, and metal plates showcases a commitment to excellence.

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    Innovation and the environment are of the utmost importance to Estmak Capital. Our developments are based on the latest knowledge in the fields of design and construction, and the business and residential complexes we create form fully integrated environments of their own in which every detail is carefully considered. We want to offer the best property development in the Baltic States and to create sustainable value for future generations.